About Us

About Us
We provide our customers with superior quality products coupled with competitive prices and outstanding after sales services. We are producing Lubricants & Greases made from high-quality virgin base stocks to match with superior quality additives. We distributed too many customers and organization around the UAE. We have lubricants for a wide range of applications like Automotive, Industrial, and other specialty products. Many types of Lubricants include viscosities to work effectively in a wide range of temperatures and conditions with extended lubricant intervals. We have a well-organized and well-implemented quality control system to ensure that the specified quality is achieved at every stage of production. Each and every batch, which leaves the plant, is checked and tested in a well-equipped laboratory to ensure that the finished product meets all the international standards and specifications As dedicated Lubricant industry, our passion is towards exploring new dimensions in productdevelopment and to improve our services to meet the ever-changing demands of the Global Market.
ABORF Lubricants has a sophisticated and modern blending and bottling unit facility equipped with the latest machinery with an excellent range of products attending the various sectors of the market especially High-Speed Automatic KWT Filling Machines. Our plant is equipped with electronic systems to operate blending kettles, holding tanks, filling machines, forming machines, labeling machines and storage tanks. We operate efficiently using controlled and systematic approach to blending, combined with an experienced workforce that allows us to optimize our plant capacity and capability.
Our modern in-house laboratory regularly tests samples taken during each stage of the procurement and production process. We also offer used oil analysis and engine performance tracking, as part of an overall customer service that provides a complete overview of the physical and chemical characteristics of the lubricants being used and recommends specific lubricants for specific tasks.